Yesterday, I mentioned the Redeeming Sexuality conference taking place Friday and Saturday at Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN, with Dan Allender and Scotty Smith.  Both remarkable teachers who understand the interweaving of sexuality and the gospel, they will engage myths, shame, and struggles authentically and compassionately.  Today I offer you a little foretaste of what you are likely to hear, this from Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III’s book, The Intimate Mystery.

“The most crucial theological truth about sexuality is that God loves sex and evil hates it.  God made us sexual, and he glories in his plan for our union and joy.  Evil hates what God loves, and it has found that more harm can be done through sex than perhaps any other means.  Often the chief battleground for the human soul is the terrain of sexuality….”

“Sex changes when it is seen as a gift from God.  As a gift, it is to be honored and cherished as bearing the glory of the One who gave it.  Many times even expensive gifts are tucked away in an attic because the gift or the person who gave it is not valued.  Yet an inexpensive photograph, if it was given to us by an extraordinary person, like the president of the United States, is framed and set in a prominent place.  And if a gift is priceless AND the giver highly prized, its mere presence brings delight and it is carefully protected.  One simply wouldn’t toss around a Stradivarius or let a neighbor’s son take it to show and tell.”  Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III, The Intimate Mystery

The question is, what do we do with and about our sexuality?  What does it mean for a single person to live with this “gift” when it may not feel like a gift?  What do we do with brokenness and shame resulting in abuse?  Difficult questions abound.  These questions will be engaged with the “crucial theological truth about sexuality.”  To sign up, go to Redeeming Sexuality.

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