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Staff Sergeant Daniel Clay

In December 2005, the 27-year-old son of dear friends was struck down by an explosive in Iraq. Sad, sudden, shocking, and yet, not.

Shortly after the funeral, Sergeant Daniel Clay’s father posted a letter to the editor, in which he included the text of the letter his son had written, in the case of his death. The letter was read at his funeral. It was eerie to hear Dan speaking from “beyond this life.” And despite the call not to weep, there were few dry eyes that day.… Read the rest

On this Memorial Day, we remember the men and women in the armed forces who died fighting to bring freedom and peace. On every memorial day, I am drawn to remember the Prince of Peace, who not only fought and died, but won the battle for us, to live the way we were meant to live. Today I post a quote on shalom from my teachings. Stay tuned tomorrow for a guest blog from Jane Gilbert at for more thoughts on shalom.… Read the rest