prison bars

Do you ever have those days — weeks — years, when your spiritual blood runs cold, when your deer-panting-thirst has itself seemingly dried up? Or when you’re parched, dying for a drink from God but his springed-up-well seems to be saturating other cracked hearts but not yours?
There’s no such thing as a simple cure for spiritual depression. But you knew that.
There are, however, some stories to remember as you wait in this apparent spiritual- wasteland for the showers of grace to whet your soul again.… Read the rest

Blog Moms

“You are not a blog-mom.”

I still remember the conversation. My daughter was 19 when she hit me with this comment. After she said it, she must have noticed my frown-wrinkle deepening, because quickly she added, “I mean, you are a mom, and a blogger, but not a blog-mom. You know — those moms who show pictures of all the wonderful and amazing crafts they do with their kids and write long, poetic posts about the delicious and completely wholesome food they cook.… Read the rest

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski

I don’t know about you, but the wonder of the Resurrection can be overshadowed by daily life by the Tuesday after Easter. The kids have left, back to school and work. Loads of laundry and dishes need cleaning; blogs, Bible studies, and emails need writing.

What does it mean to live the gospel authentically when the initial excitement wanes? The old Story tells what the followers of Jesus did. Here are 5 ways you might live the Resurrection after Easter Sunday:

  1. See the Lord and BE GLAD!
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Tomb Image for Holy Week Saturday

And today it is silent, quiet. We may go about our business, running to the grocery store for last-minute brunch items, taking kids to Easter egg hunts, but the disciples, the women, in fact, most of the Jews would have been very still and quiet on the day after Jesus’ death on the Cross. It was the Sabbath, and their Lord had died. Somehow, they had either forgotten or doubted the Resurrection.

Today I bring you one version of Silent Saturday along with a prayer from Pastor Scotty Smith’s daily prayers.… Read the rest


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Holy Week series, Fig Monday/Teaching Tuesday; Spy Wednesday; Maundy Thursday.

Today, we’ve arrived at perhaps my second favorite day of Holy Week. The day that originated the phrase, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!” (People do say that still, don’t they?)

So many terrible, and yet, highly ironic things happened between Jesus’ garden prayer and arrest  and his crucifixion.

  • Judas and his “band of soldiers” made up of chief officers and Pharisees, carted Jesus off to Annas, Caiaphas, the high priest’s father-in-law (what was that all about anyway – why not straight to Caiaphas?).
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