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Story coaching helps you see how the gospel transforms your story. I come alongside to help you discover your God-created beauty, why life doesn’t work, and the hope for true transformation!

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Grow and change with others or on your own. Gain deeper understanding of God’s story and learn how to practically apply it in your life!

"Everyone will share the story of your wonderful goodness"

Psalm 145:7

Elizabeth Turnage


Elizabeth Turnage

Writer, Story Coach, Teacher

Passionate gospel-liver and sharer, Bible study leader for over 25 years, story keeper and coach, wife to Kip for 33 years, mother of four children aged 20-26, chocolate and ice cream, preferably combined with raspberries and almonds:-)!



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5 Verses on Whole-Hearted Living

5 Verses on Whole-Hearted Living

Valentine’s Day, Hearts, and Whole-hearted Living It’s Valentine’s Week, and that always makes me think about hearts and what they have to do with Valentine’s Day, and where did Valentine’s Day really come from anyway. (Here I go ... read more
Parenting Goals: Should We Have Them?

Parenting Goals: Should We Have Them?

Parenting Goals: What do you think? Do you think parents should have goals and plans? If so, what kind? When I venture to write about parenting, I always do so tremulously. Yes, I am the mother of 4 adult children, ages 26 to 20, plus two newly acquired by marriage.... read more
A Short List of Father’s Day Thankfulness

A Short List of Father’s Day Thankfulness

The topic of fathers and Father’s Day often seems to arouse at least a tinge of ambivalence. In the past I’ve focused too much on ways my husband has not lived up to MY expectations — filling all of my needs and my children’s needs in the way I thought best!... read more
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